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Aloe vera gel – 100ml.

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Care for mature, dehydrated, wrinkled, dry, flaky, dull, distended, devitalized, malnourished skin.

Care for skin with an atopic tendency.

Irritated, sensitive skin, razor burn, sunburn.

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Process of production: The harvesting is done entirely by hand and the aloe leaves are treated in the hours following the harvest. They are peeled to let the latex containing the aloin (irritating and very laxative compound) flow out. These leaves are then washed and rinsed twice in order to recover the fresh and colorless net which is then pressed to give the native juice.

Part of the plant extracted: Fresh leaf fillet.

Botanical name : Aloe barbadensis.

Conditions of conservation : As our gels are fresh and pure products, we strongly advise you to store them in the refrigerator and to use them within 2 months after opening.

Quality: 100% natural composition, obtained from native aloe juice, exclusively from the fresh net of the leaf to preserve all the active ingredients of the plant.

Composition: Aloe vera gel, Cosgard.


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