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Anti Stain Cream – 30ml

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It combines various natural products reputed to be effective against blemishes. After 4 weeks of use, your blemishes will fade, your complexion will be even and your skin will regain its radiant glow.

With no rebound effect, we use the best of nature to fade spots.

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  • Vegetable oil of prickly pear.
  • Vegetable oil of rose hip.
  • Vegetable oil of walnut.
  • Hydraulic macerate of Boswellia sacra (loubane dakar).
  • Essential oil of Boswellia sacra (loubane dakar)
  • Natural vitamin C.
  • Natural vitamin E.
  • Cosgard (the only preservative tolerated by ECOCERT.
  • Salicylic acid (natural origin).
  • Emulgade Tesioactive agent.


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