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Hair Pack 5 Products

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Ten oils will be thrown for hair drop.
It’s got the best vegetable oils and the basis for hair growth.
It stimulates growth from the hairline.
Stops Hair Falling
Method of use
Put it on the hairline, leave it for an hour and wash it with shampoo.

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Vegetable oil from avocado, cannabis, argan, mustard, onion, aromatic oil, mountain wreath with sineol, aromatic oil for atlas rice, Scottish pine aromatic oil, Elling Ealing aromatic oil.


  • Hair balm

The hair goes deep.
Lunch and regenerate hair fibers
It brings back bright and soft hair.
It is rich in raw shea butter with nutritious and pitchy properties, avocado oil, coconut, sweet almonds and castor oil with protective properties, feeding deeply and regenerating hair fibers. Its melting strength brings back glitter and lioness to the dry and whitish hair. Appropriate for pregnant women.
Smell: Soft, with rose smells.

How to use?
Put this balm an hour before the champoo on the tip of your hair to provide softness and glitter.

Raw shea butter, refined shea butter, vegetable castor oil, sweet almonds, avocado, pink perfume, vitamin E

  • Daily hair serum

Daily use without crippling
Ma Tiedh Hair
It strengthens the hair and gives it glitter.
It’s made up of dry oils.
Consists of high-quality dry vegetable oil (without a sense of fat), the first cold era to allow rapid absorption for daily use.
It clouds the hair, strengthens it, and increases its shine.
Suitable for all kinds of hair.

How to use?
Put a few drops on the hair and dyeing.
It can be put on dry or wet hair.

Cannabis vegetable oil, grape seed oil, linen seed vegetable oil, isopropyl meristate, vitamin E


  • Hair Meneer

Deconstructs the hair and gives him protection, lioness and glitter.
It tosses and feeds your hair.
Moisturizer and tonic hair.
It’s appropriate for all kinds of hair.

To put an end to the straw effect in your hair, choose treatments based on 100% natural ingredients, a hair deconstruction mask.

How to use?
It’s put on towel – dried hair after washing hair with shampoo.
It’s well distributed in hair by massaging your fingertips.
Then ten minutes later we water it.

Btms, cannabis vegetable oil, grape seed oil, isopropyl merstate, rice protein, silk protein, vito keratin, wheat protein, fruit acid, vitamin B5, collagen, cosgard, glycerin.

  • Naturl Champoo

Free of paraben, silicon and sulphate
Made of very nice surface materials that respect both hair and nature; This shampoo gently cleans the hair of all family members thanks to its super – soft base, protects the hair and regains its shine and lightness.

Water, bluegrass, dheton, plontakker 818, gaseous, clyadine, cosgard, essential lavender oil.

How to use?
Mix the bottle strongly before any use
Put your shampoo on the hair, massage to make a foam, slice it well.
Repeat process if you feel it’s necessary.



Not used for children, pregnant women and lactating women. Always test the application in the elbow throttle before use


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