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Unroasted Argan Oil – 40 ml.

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This Argan Oil is obtained by cold extraction. It is neither roasted nor refined, for an oil of high quality and pure; with natural qualities, organoleptic and dietetic optimal.
An oil of Argan so pure is recommended for an internal use as external. In application on the skin (body, face), it allows to hydrate and nourish it in depth, to slow down the ageing of the skin, to fight the cutaneous defects. It can also be used in an oil bath on the hair to strengthen and nourish it. It is also recommended by nutritionists for its richness in linoleic acid and vitamin E.

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  • Acts on excess sebum for greasy hair.
  • Nourishes dry hair.
  • Rich in vitamin E.
  • Helps to densify hair.
  • Anti-Aging.
  • Anti-Wrinkle.
  • 40 ml.


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